What we do

Impacting lives of hundreds of Children, Youth & Adults with Disabilities through Residential Care, Education, Health & Rehabilitation and Livelihood Interventions

Residential care

Environment of Care, Love, Respect promoting a Productive Life with Dignity for Persons with Disability
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CBR program

Our Services That Reach Out to Children with Disabilities Living in Poverty through Health and Education Interventions
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Sustainable livelihood

Our Skills Training Programme Empowering Youth with Disabilities with Gainful Employment
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About Cheshire Homes

Cheshire Home Mumbai established in the year 1955 by Late Group Captain Leonard Cheshire V.C., U.K. Cheshire Home Mumbai is the first home outside the U.K. set up as a residential care for terminally ill and disabled men with no means or support. Cheshire Homes India, Mumbai (CHM) is a non-profit organisation registered under Societies Registration Act 1860 and under Bombay Public Trusts Act 1950 with registrations under 80-G and a valid FCRA.
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“Behind this great ideal lies an issue of principle. Our efforts to help someone raise himself to a higher standard of living are the most effective and the more valued proportionately as we become personally and genuinely involved. In this way, and this way only, we begin to see ourselves as partners in a common struggle; he who confronts me in the weakness of his need, and I, who possess what he lacks and to whom he is looking. Not I, the giver, and he, the receiver, but us together, partners working towards the same-essential-goal. To achieve this at all levels and in a myriad different ways until ultimately it embraces the entire human family is the greatest and most urgent task that faces us all today.”

Leonard Cheshire

(7 September 1917 – 31 July 1992)


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